Headrick Outdoor Media

The Digital Advantage

Headrick Outdoor Media rolled out its first digital billboards in 2013 with our footprint now expanding over four states: Mississippi, Alabama, Texas and North Carolina with plans to add more inventory in the future. With over 40 years of experience in the static side of the outdoor industry, we are bringing that commitment to the digital age. Our promise is to continue to offer great products and exceptional customer service with our digital billboards. We are excited to offer our customers the flexibility and technology of digital advertising. Our reach now extends outside of traditional outdoor markets and gives us the opportunity to partner with non-traditional outdoor customers. Not to mention the uniqueness of offering both static locations as well as digital for a full advantage over competition to reach today's transient market.


This is one of the greatest attributes of digital advertising. The ease of changing copy really brings a totally new clientele to the table. Not to mention the ease of scheduling ads and a plan to meet anyone's budget no matter how big or small.

Time Sensitive

Gives advertisers the opportunity to create product launches, one-day sales events, along with job postings, real estate properties or just a "happy birthday" thought. Take advantage of the efficiency of using day-parting as well as advertising in prime-time only spots.

Targeted Audience

Offers laser focus to a targeted market. Pin-point exactly the reach you need at the time you need it.


Optimizes your ad spend and works in conjunction with other forms of media to enhance your ROI.


Short term and/or long term campaigns are available. Daily and weekly spots are also available.

Real-Time Content

Get your local weather, traffic advisories, sports scores and emergency room wait times.

We have been practicing the "art of good business" since 1976. Let us earn your business today!